Amsterdam Drawing

Esmee Seebregts, Colorsquare VI
Nicolas Sanchez,  "Compression"
Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest, "Studies on Kate Moss  I"
Esmee Seebregts, "Untitled II"
Marijke Mink "Put der zuchten"
Carlijn Mens, "Yusuf 25-04-2008"
Marcel Reijerman, 2016
Alicja Werbachowska, 2016
Nicolas Sanchez, 2015
22 Sep 2016 to 25 Sep 2016

In the fifth edition of this annual art fair for works on paper we present six Dutch and one American artist. We are proud to show for the first time in Netherlands the stunning work  of Nicolas Sanchez ( NY , USA) , whose work we saw at the Venice Biennale last year. 

As before, Amsterdam Drawing is held in a temporary pavilion at the NDSM Werf at the IJ in Amsterdam North.