Guido Vlottes


Guido Vlottes lives and works in Amsterdam, where he studied at the Rijkskademie of Visual Arts. He is a painter pur sang. He captures a motif with seemingly simple brushstrokes yet it’s as though he plays a game in which background and subject either merge or are set in sharp contrast with one another. His paintings are strongly layered, both in terms of paint and content. He often uses images from everyday situations, which he edits and reinterprets into a new story, which seems to have a mythological or literary source, without really becoming tangible. Vlottes evokes an atmosphere that is often difficult to pin down, and he does it with just the right sweeps of black, brown or red. In an otherwise gloomy and melancholic atmosphere understated humour can suddenly break through. Vlottes plays with images and interpretations, providing "found" images with a new identity, as art critic Robbert Roos suggests.

Vlottes exhibits regularly at home and abroad: at the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), the Kunsthal (Rotterdam), in museums and cultural centres in China, Germany and France, as well as at various (international) art fairs.

His work can be found in important private, corporate and museum collections, including the Nederlandsche Bank, ABN AMRO art foundation, the AkzoNobel Art Foundation and Collection Crouwel (Amsterdam), the AEGON art collection (The Hague), ABP (Schiphol), the Caldic Collectie (Rotterdam), the Chadha Art Collection (Wassenaar), the Collection Gudmundsson (Xiamen), Collection Qi Zhi Long (Beijing), LUMC (Leiden), Museum De Pont (Tilburg), at SNS REAAL Fund and the Rabo Art Collection (Utrecht).