Jan Hein van Rooy


Jan Hein van Rooy studied at the evening academy of the KABK in Arnhem and the Svenska Grafiska Sellskapet in Stockholm. Since 1992, Van Rooy has been collecting pigment-rich earths in the interior of Spain to prepare casein paint that gives all the color to the landscapes he creates there. Usually he works on paper that is glued to linen, which is decorated. Drawings made in nature sometimes serve as the basis for a later lithography or larger workpiece. He also draws in the field with drypoint on aluminum plates that are later printed in edition (at most 3), or used as a monoprint with other technique (s). His inhospitable landscapes often appear abstract, but remain very realistic to the well-understood, through the representation of underlying geological structures. Van Rooy's landscapes take possession of you: 'paisaje irrestisible', irresistible landscape. Jan Hein van Rooy has exhibited in many galleries and museums at home and abroad (Spain, Sweden, Belgium, France, Poland, the Czech Republic and the US. His work is in collections of Municipal Museums (The Hague, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Apeldoorn, and Eindhoven), provinces (Varmland, Hainaut, Granada, North Brabant, and Gelderland.), Of the Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam. SBK Gelderland in Arnhem, the Krabbedans Eindhoven, the Aesthetic Design Department PTT, The Hague, the Canisius Hospital of the University Nijmegen, and in many private collections.