Marinus van Dijke


 As a child Marinus van Dijke he played in the dunes of Schouwen, and he continued to work there as an artist. In his works the water flows, the wind blows, the plants grow and people and animals move. All leave traces, memories that are preserved and processed and thus retrieved in the imagination. Since 1996 he has immersed himself in one dune valley, 'de Plek'. He investigates the history and development of that dynamic, vulnerable and small-scale, but also robust and monumental piece of dune land. For some time he concentrated on six 1m2 squares in the Plek. By approaching these in the same visual way, the differences between them were clarified and new aspects came into the picture. He presents the results of his walks, actions and musings about what how far he'd have to travel over the horizon to hit another shore when viewing the sea from a dune top, through works on paper, paintings, photos, videos, graphics, artists' books, wood reliefs, textile works and spatial objects. His work has been shown several times in gallery Wit and exhibited  in the Netherlands (e.g the  Paviljoens (Almere), NBKS (Breda), de Brakke Grond (Amsterdam), Bellamy (Vlissingen), the Pronkkamer (Uden), in Gemeentemuseum Zierikzee,   provincial librarys in  Middelburg and Zierikzee, Germinahof, (Sterksel), Gallery van de Berge (Goes), ford IJmuiden,  and gallery De Zenkast (Middelburg)), in Belgium ( Scharpoord (Knokke) , Begijnhof (Hasselt, museum de Zwijgershoek (Sint-Niklaas)  and in Spain (Gresol Art festival, Bisbal).