Lichting 2019, onze keuze

  • Wageningen
29 Aug 2019 to 22 Sep 2019
Aliaksandra Puhachova, Derk Müller, Iriée Zamblé, Maarten Fijan, Nils Addink, Tom van Veen

The very diverse work of six young recently graduated artists at four Dutch academies caught our eye this year.

Aliaksandra Puhachova's landscape-inspired abstracts contain unnameable secrets. The light on Maarten Fijan's white sculptural paintings reflects the slow passage of time. In Nils Addink’s endless online simulation, a heavily loaded human-like figure and his shadow wander through abandoned spaces. The skewed balance in a world that is visually dominated by white people is being restored by Iriée Zamblé with beautifully painted heads of our bold, autonomous colored fellow citizens. The artisinal, elaborate oil paintings by Tom van Veen can be seen as snapshots from contemporary transnational youth culture. And in Derk Müller’s small sculptures, playfulness and poetry fight for priority.