Veiling 2

online Veiling 2
Hans Waanders, 1996, |Topography of the bird".
 Manju Sharma, 2016, "Gone fishing", mixed techn. on papier, 20 x 25 cm
Manju Sharma,  2016, "The Visitor", mixed techn. on papier, 20 x 25 cm
Miriam Pertegato 2011 N.T.,  pen on paper, 29,5 x 21 cm
Miriam Pertegato, 2014, "Venus & Cupid", pen, aquarel, gouache on paper on MDF,  24,5x 24,5 cm
Miriam Pertegato, 2013, "Lupi", pen on paper, 21 x 14,5 cm
Roman Peter Z.T., 2014, oil on canvas, 100 x 130 cm
Roman Peter 2011, "Handstand" paper-maché. paint, 60 x 20 x 16 cm
John Lindus, 2004,  N,T., acrylic on paper, framed, 26 x 26 cm
Jordan Herregraven, 2018, "The beast that rode us", etching
Jordan Herregraven, 2018, "Nightly dreams of an unborn", etching
Jordan Herregraven, 2018, "Epicurian gold", etching, 14,4 x 10 cm,  ed.. 2/10
Marcel Reijerman, 2012, "Toddlers have no eye for nature", c-print, 28,5 x 20 cm, ed. 3/5
Marcel Reijerman, 2014, "Artists giving themselves a hard time", linocut print, 40 x 50 cm, ed. of  20
Mathias Lulu, 2004, "Lakescape", oil on canvas,  80 x 100 cm
Ermias Mazengia, 2003, "Man in chair" oil on canvas, 97 x 79  cm
Teferi Gizachew, 2004, 'Symbol of Mean",  oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm.
Yohannis Tesfaye,  2004 , N.T., oil/paper 32 x 26 cm (image size)
Yohannis Tesfaye, 2004, N.T. Mixed. techn. on  cut canvas & textiles 78 x 49 cm
Cherinet Woldegebreal, 2004, Z.T. olie/doek
Willem den Ouden, 1991,  "De Waal 2", litho
Leon Tebbe, 1991, N.T., woodcut  colour print/paper, 40 x 50 cm,
 Jan Hein van Rooy, 1991, "Oostakker", litho, 40 x 50 cm
Frans de Waal, 1992, "Mother & child", c-print on aluminium-dibond & hanging frame, 50 x 58 cm
Frans de Waal, 1983, "Kevin",  c-print onp aluminium-dibond, 80 x 55 cm
Maaike Alma, 2000, "Wings XV", dry point colour print , 65 x 49 cm
Maaike Alma, 2001, " Landscape 1" dry point colour print , 65 x 49 cm
Udo Mathee,  2006, "Sei", Wall sculpture, 23 x 13 x 7,5 cm;
Udo Mathee,  2005, "Haus 57", oak wood, acrylic, gold leaf, 18 x 17 x 11 cm
Oswaldo Santana, 2008, Oswaldo Santana, 2008, "Outras Terras I ", tempera vinyl with natural pigments
Oswaldo Santana, 2008, "Outras Terras II ",  tempera vinyl with natural pigments
Lotte van Lieshout,  2018. N.T., c-print on cardboard,with addition in enamel paint
Van Rijn & Van Soest, 2019, "Rozen voor Hedda", Giclee print ed. 20
Van Rijn & Van Soest, 2018, "Pensative Chrysantemums", Glicee print of overpainted photo, ed. 20
Van Rijn & Van Soest, 2019, "Park water",  Giclee print, ed. 20
Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest, 2009, "Studies on Kate Moss. 2", Giclee print, 48 x 33 cm,
Els Zweerink, 2017, "Dos chicas y un caballo", c-print , 30 x 42 cm, ed. 10
Anne Geene, 2017,"Devaluation of Luck 2", c-print on Archival Matte paper,  A4, ed. 60
Joos van de Plas, 2013, "Sleeping beauty no 10" , c-print/ Archival Matte paper on cardboard, ed. 25, 30 x 42 cm
11 Apr 2021 to 17 Apr 2021

After sixteen years, Galerie Wit will close its doors in 2021. As soon as the Covid situation permits, we will hold one more festive exhibition: La Grande Finale with mainly new work by about 40 artists. But this does not do justice to the diversity in our program since our opening in 2004. That is why we hold 2 online auctions before La Garnde Finale, offering a wide choice of often very attractively priced work by many of our artists from the past sixteen years. The works from the first auction will be displayed here, with details about each work and the artist. Auction 2 will close with a zoom session on April 17  between 7.30 pm and 9 pm.

Rules of the game:

The works of Auction 2 can be seen here. Until April 16, you can bid on a work of your choice daily from 3 p.m.: give your name, the number of the work and the amount of your bid to The (new) highest bid for each work is on this webpage daily from 2 p.m. Some edited works of which several copies are available go for a fixed price. These can be purchased at any time, also by e-mail. The auction will close with an online Zoom auction on Saturday evening April 17. The prospective auctioneer Nico van Breemen briefly explains something about each work. The opening bid (and possibly also winning bid) will be shown at the relevant work on April 17 at 2 p.m. Would you like to participate in the Zoom session? Send us an email with the subject "auction" stating your name and you will receive the link for the zoom auction on Saturday April 17. Sold work can be collected from the gallery by appointment or sent by post or courier (at shared cost). For questions please call or email Nico +316 21712810 or Barbara +316 28431088 or