Maaike Alma


Maaike Alma is best known as a graphic artist. We present  a number of her strong copper prints (drypoint prints in which both the grooves and the flattened burr hold the ink). She also makes temporary installations about the spatial experience of a special environment. Her source of inspiration is the earth with everything on and around it, including sky and stars. She is fascinated by the changes in lines and light in a landscape after adding a new element (such as copper plates in the pictures "Sea level" and "Sea side"), and she records those changes in photo and video. She also drew virtual figures in the landscape with a GPS device, combined with photo and video. The same sources of inspiration play a major role in her other work (painting, graphics, mixed media). Maaike Alma has exhibited at Galerie Vermezzo (Milan), Stroom (The Hague), Singer Museum, Grafiek Nu (Laren), Kunsthuis 13, Grafiek, (Velp), Gemeentemuseum Arnhem, Provinciehuis Arnhem, GBK Nijmegen, SBK Amsterdam, Grafiekbiennale (Taiwan) ) and De Krabbedans (Eindhoven). Her work can be found in collections of, among others, the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, Province of Gelderland, Province of Utrecht, Municipality of Wageningen, Municipality of Best, Stockholm University, Wageningen University, ABN AMRO and Coopers & Lybrands.