Frans de Waal

Naughty Georgia
Peace offer
Monique with stick
Family reunion
Foster mother-to-be
Give me some
's Hertogenbosch

After his PhD in 1977 in Utrecht on research on macaque behavior, Frans de Waal studied the world's largest chimpanzee colony in captivity, at Burgers Zoo, Arnhem. From the 1980s onwards, he did redsearch on  monkeys and apes at the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, and at the San Diego Zoo. Much of his recent research deals with implications of behavious of bonobos, among others, for the origins of human morality and for the social evolution of humans. Galerie Wit selected with De Waal a number of photos of monkeys and apes from his book "My Family Album", and published them in a large format in a limited, signed edition. These photos show us chimpanzees, bonobos and other primates as unique individuals with a character entirely of their own. But they also illustrate aspects of his research, which shed new light on primates as animals, who, like their human relatives, are endowed with emotions and intentions, altruism and a sense of justice.