"Four visions on the landscape"

Jerry Veldhuizen,  2018, "I  trekked a forest ...."
Roman Peter, no title, 50 x 70 cm
Eric Snel, 2019. Horizontal Line, Edition of 20, Ink on 600 gram handmade paper with one nail 20 x 20 cm
herman de vries, 1990, 'von eschenau nach builenheim,  earth on paper,  70 x 100 cm
  • Wageningen
30 mrt 2019 tot 28 apr 2019
Jerry Veldhuizen, Roman Peter, Eric Snell, herman de vries

This exhibition shows works by four artists that approach the venerable subject of landscape paintings in very different ways. Jerry Veldhuizen stands in the tradition of the romantic landscape where man is overwhelmed by breath-taking nature, but his dizzying use of colour and light places the work squarely in the 21th century. Roman Peter applies quite moderate colours in canvasses with the viewer apparently moving through the landscape, by applying a reverse visual perspective:  nearby objects appear blurred while further away objects come into the focus. Eric Snell's landscapes are extremely minimalistic: they show nothing more than the horizon. But he creates the horizon by letting natural forces do the job. Just as the real world  where the horizon settles under the influence of the earths’ gravity.  In his only work in the exhibition, herman de vries shows simply what there is, nothing more:  rubbings of earth collected at regular distances during a trip between two Bavarian villages.