Mama, de oermoeder

€ 665,00

c-print op dibond, opl. 10

"I named her Mama, because of her matriarchal position in the Arnhem Zoo chimpanzee colony... Of all chimpanzee personalities I have known, Mama's is undoubtedly the most impressive:..even though physically incapable of defeating grown males, she was never afraid to step into a conflict. If an actual fight between two males was the only option left, but neither dared to deliver the first blow, both would rush to Mama and sit in her arms, screaming at each other.... Her  daughter Moniek (also in the photograph)... took great advantage of having such a respected mother, protecting here against anyone and anything." (My Family Album. p. 32-33)


Afmetingen: 80 cm × 53 cm
Prijs: € 665,00
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