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"One of the most emotional moments of my career occurred in 1979, when we handed over baby chimpanzee Roosje to an adaptive mother of her species.... The natural mother failed to provide appropriate care because of deafness.... Since human-raised apes often turn out to be abnormal, we chose Gorilla to bottle-feed Roosje,  Gorilla was fascinated by but unable to raise infants because of insufficient lactation. After many sessions of demonstrating the feeding technique with bars between Gorilla and us, and praising her for holding the bottle without drinking from it, the big day of  actual introduction arrived. We placed the wriggllng infact in the straw of a night cage and let Gorilla in with her. Gorilla intently stared into Roosjes face but didn't dare to touch the infant: it belonged to us. She approached the bars were the caretaker and I sat watching. First she kissed the caretaker, then me, glancing between Roosje and us as if asking our permission. We both urged her:  "Go, pick her up". Eventally she did, and became the most caring and protective mother one can imagine." (My Family Album, p. 140-141)




Afmetingen: 60 cm × 39 cm
Prijs: € 495,00
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